Friday, July 8, 2016

Freeport Sketches Part II

After the sketches done on the dock in the sun, it was time for a break. We headed over to a place called Hurricane Harry's where we sat in the shade of an umbrella and had a cold beer and some fried calamari while we looked for models to sketch.

This guy was in my direct line of sight at the outdoor bar.

I did some small sketches of some of the other patrons and the singer that was offering some Jimmy Buffet-style entertainment.

We headed a little further down the Nautical Mile looking for a place for lunch. Our next stop was Jeremy's Ale House which had a counter where you walked up to order your food and then an indoor bar, seating area, and outdoor deck. We opted for the outdoor deck and  a little more sketching.

After lunch we were down to 3 sketchers and Susan, Melanie and I found a shady spot outside an ice cream shop. I was able to sketch a bit of the view down the rest of the Nautical Mile.


  1. Looks as though you had a fabulous sketching day. Love the Hurricane Harry sketch.

  2. such a great day and a lot accomplished. I really like the sketch of the guy at the bar and the guy singing - very expressive. Great pieces altogether, Joan.

  3. Laura, thanks...we had some fun places to sketch that day.

    Thank you, Val. I appreciate you always taking the time to comment.