Friday, July 15, 2016

Damariscotta and Popham Beach

This morning after breakfast I sat out on my sister's deck here in Damariscotta to sketch. She has this wonderful white birch tree and I just love the bark. She planted it years ago in my dad's memory and it is now huge. This was sketched directly in ink first and the watercolors added later.

Our plan for the day was to head down to Popham Beach which is on a peninsula east of Bath. It had changed a lot since I was there last, but the views of the rocks in the water are still super, and we were there at low tide so people were able to walk out to the largest section. Of course I stayed put and sketched instead. This one below was done in my moleskin sketchbook across a double page. I could have used a triple page (LOL) except that with the sun and the wind it would never have worked.

This next one was done of the rock directly in front of me. Even with the tide out you can't walk to this part. We had a nice time there. It was another of the spots Kathleen wanted to revisit before they leave on Sunday for Australia.


  1. Hi Joan, I am always astounded by the detail you can do in these small sketches - wonderful!