Thursday, July 7, 2016

Freeport Sketches Part I

Last Sunday several NYC Urban Sketching ladies met in Freeport, LI for a day of sketching on Long Island.

Melanie was coming out from the city so we met her at the Freeport Train Station. We were a little early so we sat in Susan's car and sketched until Melanie's train pulled in.

We drove down to our destination, the Nautical Mile, actually Woodcleft Avenue which is filled with an odd combination of bars, restaurants, fish markets, live music and lots of people. 

Denise,and Suzala met us at the Nautical Mile.  We sat out on a dock to sketch the fishing boats with some of the buildings along the canal.

(Photos below by Denise Markbreit.)
Here I am sitting on the dock painting.
Suzala at work.
Denise doing her watercolors.
Susan painting the view.
Melanie painting.

For my next sketch I turned around in the same location to paint one of the swan boats by another dock.

To be continued...

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