Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lunch Anyone?

While I was in Jersey City on Saturday I found this hot dog vendor at the entrance to the park. It wasn't too nice of a day, so business was fairly slow. Luckily before I sketched in the background some customers showed up. I resisted having one of the dogs...I brought along my salad for lunch.


  1. Great will power Joan! I love the details, it is a great sketch!!

  2. Wonderful job on this one, Joan,
    it encourages me to try and paint the vendors on the bridge leading back into the USA from Mexico. Sometimes it takes us an hour or so...plenty of time to do more than sketch. dumb...I was looking for a DOG!

  3. Thanks, Celia!

    Julie, thanks. You could probably do a whole series while on the bridge. lol