Monday, June 13, 2016

Flowers on Yupo

Every once in a while my mind goes crazy and I do something unexpected. I went to the Peconic Herb Farm last week all set to do a regular watercolor. When I pulled out the board I was going to work on I found a piece of yupo paper on the other side. It had been there for I decided to use it. I've never tried it en plein air but I know my friend, Julie Ford Oliver, (  in addition to doing beautiful oils does paintings on yupo paper...sometimes while riding as a passenger in a car. My feeling that morning was if she can paint on it in the car, I can paint on it outdoors. lol Of course I should have prepped the paper and cleaned it with alcohol, but I knew I didn't have any so it was now or never. 

Here is the completed painting...or as finished as it is right now. I may touch it up a little more.

I did have the presence of mind to take a few photos while I was painting, so here they are.

This is the view I was painting.

It worked better than I expected so I may give it another try. I've painted on yupo before but it has been a long time. :)


  1. Well - good for you, Joan. Your successful painting is reward to taking the challenge to push yourself out of the comfort zone.
    This has all the joy and freshness I love about Yupo.
    So many areas to like, but I think the big ceramic pots look absolutely fabulous with the drippy glaze effect.
    How nice of you to reference me - you have a generous heart!

  2. Fantastic painting on Yupo, Joan! That is crazy paper, and you really tamed it!


  3. Fantastic painting Joan! I agree with Julie...LOVE the way the ceramic pots look using the yupo! I've gone to the Peconic Herb farm many times and there's so many perfect spots around to paint...great place!!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Julie. I like the drippy glaze look too. :)

    Tina, thanks!

    Hilda, that is such a great place to paint. Thanks!

  5. I understand that Yupo is difficult to work on. This is beautiful.

  6. Imagine painting on a plastic plate, Jo. LOL Thanks.

  7. Well done! I don't know how you managed to keep your colours from blending and ruining each individual subject which always happens to me with Yupo. Very well done Joan!