Friday, June 17, 2016

Commuters on the Train

Heading into NYC last Saturday on the Long Island Railroad I had a few models for the ride.

This lady slept almost the entire way into the city.

This group of people was diagonally across from where I was sitting mostly in the seats facing me. From their conversation I knew they were related and two of the ladies were visiting from out of state. One was from Atlanta. One of the ladies was blocked by the man in the red striped shirt. I knew they were headed to Penn Station and the World Trade Center so I had plenty of time to sketch them. Three of their kids were sitting across the aisle to my right and the older boy kept looking over to see what I was doing & kept  smiling at what he saw. I'm sure he whispered through the seats that I was sketching them. When I finished I passed the sketch over to him and he passed it to the group to see it. They loved it and asked if they could take photos of it. 


  1. captured the relaxed, sleeping face perfectly Especially round the mouth. bravo!