Sunday, January 17, 2016

"30 Paintings in 30 Days" - Day 17 - Iris in Bloom

For day 17 of "30 Paintings in 30 Days" I decided to experiment with masa paper again. I think I got closer to the batik look with this one...what do you think? I may try another one. It takes a while to prep the paper before painting and it is hard to get all the little creases in such a small painting surface. It was done from one of my many iris photos and is 5 x 5.

On Tuesday I spent the day with my sister, Mickey, in was an art day. We started with a trip to Dick Blick to buy art supplies. I had brought along a Gelli plate I had bought in the fall but hadn't had time to experiment with yet. That was our first project for the day. We played with stencils and paint making mono prints.

Mickey used the time to make a birthday card for one of her grandchildren.

Next we played with the Artrage, the digital program I've been using on my iPad. Mickey had been working with a different program but wanted a program that did a bit more. She had used Photoshop for her photos, so she had some idea already of what the layers would do. So after a little instruction of the basic mechanics of the program she started sketching like a pro. I sketched her while she was working.

The sketch of the angel on the left was done by Mickey...yes, her Christmas tree was still up too. lol

 The rose is also one of Mickey's sketches.

In addition to these art projects we worked on our paintings for the "30 Day" challenge. We did get a lot done.


  1. such a soft pink Iris - most that I have seen are darker colored. I think the digital pieces you and your sister did are great!

  2. Thanks so much, Mellowed!

    Diana, I like doing the masa but it never seems to come out with as dark of a batik effect as some people get. Thanks.

  3. I really love this post. Full of great information.
    I will try the app, gelli printing, and get some masa paper
    Love the iris...Mickey sketching and tell Mickey I really admire her shading technique.

  4. Glad you enjoyed reading about our day and my masa painting. I will tell Mickey.

  5. How lovely to have an art day with your sister. Great to see all your lovely collective works.

  6. That was a really fun art day! I hope we make the time to do that more often. We have lots of art toys to play with. (I posted this comment and a few others previously that didn't show up. Trying again.)