Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lights in Bay Shore

I was riding around Bay Shore the other day and noticed this guy on a ladder. He was stringing lights on the town Christmas tree. The guy with the long stick had the lights attached to it and he kept walking them around the tree. It looks like a handy gadget. I had to find a spot to park and sketch this. I think some of the towns have been taking advantage of the mild temperatures for this time of year and getting the holiday decorations done early. I like Christmas, but we seem to start getting ready for it earlier each year.


  1. Good sketch! I agree... public trees have been up and decorated before Thanksgiving.

  2. Great reportage sketching of the beginning of the holiday season (earlier and earlier as it is)!


  3. Very wonderful painting !!!
    All the best and have a nice day !!!

  4. Thanks, Lin!!!

    Kate, thank you. I love seeing everything decorated.

    Tina, I like finding little unexpected scenes like this. Thanks.

    Art-Traveller, thanks so much for visiting and commenting.