Monday, November 9, 2015

Sketching Near Ground Zero

On Saturday the NYC Urban Sketchers were meeting at the September 11 Memorial at Ground Zero. The easiest way to get there was driving to Kew Gardens and taking the subway into Manhattan. That gave me the opportunity to sketch some commuters on the E train.

This was my first visit to the September 11 Memorial area. It was a bit overwhelming, especially seeing all the names inscribed on the walls around the pool. One tore at my heart. It listed a woman's name and next to it were the words "and her unborn child."

This sketch includes a bit of the name-filled wall around the north pool. In the distance is an unusual building designed by Santiago Calatrava which is the new terminal for the PATH trains. Someone said it is supposed to be a dove, but it looks like the skeletal bones of an animal to me. As you can see it is autumn in NY.

There were a lot of people around so I sketched a few of them. I believe the glass building on the right is the memorial museum. 

We went to a pizza place on Vesey Street and when we came out there was a beautiful view of the spire on St. Paul's Chapel.

Before we left for "show and tell" I had time to do a quick wet-into-wet watercolor of a few people seated in front of me.


  1. Great job on all the sketches, Joan. I used to work right there so am very familiar with the part. Couldn't manage to go to the museum, too sad.

    LOVE the spire of St. Pauls with the beautiful autumnal tree. And the new entrance to the path train. I watched it go up and I'm with you. It looks like the bones of a dinosaur.

    I look forward to visiting NYC soon. (though it will always be home for me) and maybe I can finally join up with the NYC Urban Sketches. I'll keep you posted.

    Again, wonderful work.

  2. Oh, and one more thing. I laughed at the sketch of the E train travelers. They still look the same as the people that were on the E train when I was last one it. :)

  3. Thanks, Lin!

    Carol, thanks. Definitely let me know id you are coming "home." The subway riders never change. lol