Sunday, November 1, 2015

Panoramic View

In one day life changed a more Inktober...and the sun set and it got dark by 4:47pm!!!! I hate when we change the clocks!

Inktober was a fun challenge. Although I do some ink sketching it is usually done in conjunction with watercolor. I rarely do a sketch and leave it just in ink. I also challenged myself to do all the Inktober sketches directly in pen. I did the online workshop with Marc Taro Holmes and I credit that for making me take that leap and continue with it. He doesn't require that you sketch directly in ink, but suggests it. It is a scary thing to not have my pencil and eraser, but for sketches I've really gotten used to it. The lines may be a little wonky at times but I thinks the sketches that way have a certain freshness to them. Of course for the drawing for one of my watercolor paintings I will still use pencil. That needs a little more precision. This month has given me a lot of ink sketching practice, and I hope to get back to it from time to time.

Today I went out east near Wading River and did a painting from my car sitting at the end of the parking lot at Lewin Farms. I'm assuming the field I was overlooking belonged to them. As much as the temps were in the low 60s it was too windy to sit out and paint, especially along a busy road where traffic kicks up a lot of dirt. This is small...just 3 x 10. I should go back and do a larger version of this. I liked the idea of doing a panorama but I didn't have any larger paper. lol


  1. Yay for challenging yourself during Inktober! I know it was probably hard leaving sketches without color, but it sounds like you learned a lot from it, and that's what it's all about! I sure am glad you kept up your color sketches at the same time, though -- otherwise I would have missed all your color! You asked about Platinum Carbon Black ink -- yes, the cartridges contain the same ink as the bottled kind, and I get them at JetPens:
    The bottled ink can be purchased at both Goulet and JetPens.

  2. This is a beautiful watercolor painting Joan! Especially impressive that you did it while sitting in a car, I know from experience that can be difficult.

  3. Dear Joan your ink drawings were all great. I love though the colors you use. Color truly is the icing on the cake. This painting is beautiful. Such a super landscape. Hugs. ,

  4. Thanks, Tina. I enjoyed the challenge. I seem to have the same ink cartridges but they don't seem to be waterproof for me. I don't understand.

    David, thanks so much. I need a bigger front seat so I can do larger paintings. lol

    Debbie, thank you! I always appreciate you being one of my cheerleaders.

  5. Wow Joan your Inktober work is fabulous. Well done you for finishing the challenge. Your watercolour is beautiful especially with the autumnal colours. I like working small too sometimes. Variety is the spice of life as they say... lol.