Friday, October 9, 2015

#inktober #inktober2015 - Day 9 - Passengers & Ferry Sketches

I have to admit that I cheated a bit on this since I knew I would be in the car all day so I did this Inktober sketch ahead of time. Passengers are always fun to sketch.

 When we took the ferry from Orient Point to New London I did another page of small sketches of the passengers.


  1. Excellent sketches Joan!! It must kill you not to add color! lol

  2. Hilda, thanks...yes, it is hard to not add color, so for a few I've taken a photo of the sketch and then added color.

  3. Dear Joan - these are super friend. You have such a special way of capturing people in their day to day lives. I too am doing an ink drawing each day for Inktober. Great way to keep me motivated. Visiting you too always helps. Have a great day.