Sunday, October 25, 2015

#inktober, #inktober2015 - Day 25 & Graveyard 2

I had to go to Bellport today to pick up paintings from a show and just had to sketch another of the many scarecrows hanging there. My Inktense Day 25 sketch is of "Fishy Tom."

Since he was decked out in a fisherman's yellow slicker I added color, but forgot that this ink is not waterproof. It bled a little but I can live with it...and I guess I have to since I can't do anything about it now.

I decided I wanted to do another painting for the October challenge to "Paint in a Graveyard."
This time the 3 colors I used were Daniel Smith quinacridone gold, Daniel Smith quinacridone burnt orange, and Winsor Newton winsor blue (red shade). This was painted at the Emmanuel Episcopal Cemetery in Oakdale.


  1. I feel the Holidays coming with these sketches! Nice work!

  2. Joan Fishy Tom with color is wonderful. In fact the ink not being waterproof just adds to his charm. Your cemetery painting has such a variety of color you would never guess that only three were used. Just lovely friend. Hugs

  3. Hilda, I'm getting in the spirit. lol Thanks.

    Thank you so much, Debbie. It is fun to work with a limited palette.

  4. I love your Inktober work. This scarecrow caught my eye. Fishing no less. A new technique with the ink making shadows. :) Very nice work for the month.