Thursday, October 15, 2015

#inktober #inktober2015 - Day 15 & Cape Cod Part 3

Today was a day of nearly no sketching. I met a non-artist friend for the day and then had a board meeting for my art group tonight that didn't end until 9...followed by a very late dinner. So since I didn't get a chance to sketch during the day I did this from one of my photos.

Our last full day in Cape Cod was spent in Provincetown which has so many great, funky buildings and lots of art...which sadly I didn't have much time to view. I have seen this building every time we've stopped in Provincetown and I finally got to sketch it. While I was sitting there a woman pulled up, rolled down her window, and leaned over to ask me if I was an urban sketcher. She was part of the Provincetown Urban Sketchers.

Next I sketched a building on Commercial Street with lots of foliage and wires and a steeple behind it.

For this last sketch I sat on the beach looking back toward the town.


  1. Wonderful sketches Joan!. LOVE the lobster pot!!!

  2. I love your storefront sketches, you always grab what's needed and with beautiful colors! Great work on your Inktober drawing too!!

  3. Thanks Hilda! I'll have to try the food there some time.

    Celia, thanks so much. I'm having fun with the Inktober sketches.