Monday, October 5, 2015

#inktober #inktober2015 - Day 5 - Ferry Sketch & Visiting Brooklyn Heights

This morning my husband and I took the ferry from Orient Point to New London, CT. Of course I used the time to do my Day 5 Inktober sketch.

Last week the NYC Urban Sketchers took a trip to Brooklyn Heights which is right across the river from Manhattan. Although there were wonderful city views, I fell in love with the buildings. This one was near the promenade.

One of the best views was sitting on the promenade right over the traffic of the BQE (the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). There was so much traffic but it was moving in my direction so fast. I ended up doing part of one car and then adding part of another car.

The brownstones were so great! One was better than the next. I could have sketched there all day...or all week. Don't you just love the detail over the front door of this one?

Just down the same street was another beauty that I couldn't resist.

From what I understand we didn't even touch the surface of Brooklyn Heights. We will definitely have to go back.


  1. You sure nailed that traffic scene well! I've tried it, and it's really tough!


  2. I love the brownstones painting and of the doors. They are very inviting! You really nailed it with the traffic painting!

  3. Honey your work just gets better and better -- wonderful!

  4. Great sketches and two great projects with the Inktober and the Urban sketchers. Whew! Well done…..

  5. Jo, thanks. You know me...I've got to keep busy. lol

  6. Hi Joan Great seeing you Inktober sketches. Good luck with the rest of the month. Not sure how you manage to find the time but good for you. Loving these Brooklyn sketches too especially the warm pink one with the steps and doorway. Have fun.

  7. Laura, thank you so much. I'm not sure how I find the time either. lol