Friday, September 28, 2012

Downtown Patchogue

The Patchogue Sketch Club met on Wednesday in the downtown area. I was the first one to show up so I picked the location with the Brick House Brewing Co. on the corner and a bit of a view of Bobbique (two good restaurants there). We were lucky to just finish as it got dark and as it started to sprinkle.


  1. Joan,
    Nicely done. It looks like a great little location.
    Very nice job..

  2. Joan - great sketch - you must go out almost every day and do some painting - you always seem to capture something unique. Your cars look so good in this particular sketch...great perspective. Have a wonderful week-end.

  3. So nice to get out there and sketch. Lovely drawing Joan.

  4. Wonderful cityscape. I like seeing real life, like cars, it cityscapes.

  5. Wonderful! Wonderful!! It so reminds me of earlier this year when we took Mom to Patchogue and had lunch at the tea room there -- it was so much fun!

    I'll be coming up 10/25 to visit mom and to take Jean Haines watercolor class ... will you be in the class too?

  6. I always just love your work, Joan. I wish I could get even half as inspired as you are!

  7. Excellent watercolor, Joan. Beautiful little town!

  8. Michael - Thanks. I like the way each town is a little different.

    Debbie - Thank you. I try to get out and sketch or paint somewhere each day. Most days it works.

    Ann - Thank you.

    Nora - LOL You know how the towns don't look the same if you take away the cars and trucks. You include them too. Thanks.

    Lin - Thanks so much. I'm not taking the class but I hope to get to see you.

    Sherry - Thank you.

    Hilda - Thanks so much.