Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cupsogue Beach

On Sunday I went to Cupsogue Beach at the end of Dune Road in Westhampton. I haven't been there in about a year and it changed quite a bit. The Beach Hut Raw Bar and Grill is now on the level of the parking lot. You still have to walk up the boardwalk to get over the dunes and to the beach. I wonder if the renovations were due to the winter storms. It is a nice, quiet beach. I'll have to make sure to go back again.


  1. What a neat place Joan...loved how you included those bikes too. Hoping you are having a great week. Hugs

  2. Thanks so much, Debbie for your visit and comments. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Lovely sketch Joan and I think the names of the places are so neat - 'Cupsoque' and the 'Raw Bar and Grill' = very strange!