Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lavender Field

Today the PALS Plein Air painters met at Lavender By the Bay in East Marion on the north fork of Long Island. The English lavender is in bloom right now and really looks super.
Here is the first painting I did there today.


  1. I think this is one of your best Joan.

  2. My favorite place on Long Island!!! Love the Farm..I can still smell the lavender!!! Wonderful work, Joan.....

  3. Beautiful sense of space and depth!

  4. What a beautiful painting, love this :-)

  5. Lovely colours here Joan. What a great picture!! Foregrounds can be tricky with a subject like this, you've pulled it off to a turn. Well done!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful, Joan! Did it smell as heavenly as it looks?

  7. David - Thank you!

    Hilda - I just wish it was in bloom all the time. Thanks.

    Lorraine - Thanks!

    Tina - Many thanks.

    Ann - Glad you like it. Thanks.

    Kevin - Thanks. It is such a great spot to paint.

    Sherry - Yes, it smelled good too...and they have a store where you can buy anything with lavender. Thanks.

  8. Really beautiful You probably felt very relaxed amongst the lavender