Saturday, July 7, 2018

Beach Dunes

Our heat wave is finally over and we had a cool, breezy day today. It felt so nice. I did go to the beach for a while and sat on a picnic table to get this view of a bit of the ocean through the dunes. This was done at Smith Point Beach.

Just a question for those of you who have seen the tiles I posted. I usually sign them on the back of the tile but I am wondering if I should sign them on the front. A friend who has done some signs them on the front. What do you think?


  1. Always on the front...makes them real art and not assembly line stamped.
    Wish I was walking thru those dunes.

  2. super dunes and they make that umbrella look so small. Yes, on the front, they are art and if someone sticks them on a wall or table the signature is lost - front and centre Joan!