Friday, September 1, 2017

Sketch a Taco?

Paint the Great South Bay has had a few fun evening events. On Wednesday, Swell Taco, a restaurant in Patchogue hosted an even where they had someone dress up like a taco and invited us to come and sketch. If you handed in your sketch and coupon you got a free taco. The owner intends to hang the sketches on the wall.

We set up in front of Swell Taco, and the hostess, Britt posed for us. Of course it attracted the attention of all the people walking along Main Street, which was the point. Attract people to our event as well as to the restaurant.

Here is my sketch followed by a photo of Britt.

A few photos. I am next to the woman in the orange shirt.

Photo collage by Krystle DiNicola


  1. She doesn't look too thrilled to be a taco! ;-) But your sketch of her is great!

    - Tina

  2. Hmm guess that would spark up your resume, being a taco. As always I love all the details you get. Lots of fun color in the piece.

    1. Thank you, Nelvia. It was a fun time sketching and of course we finished the evening eating tacos.

  3. Now that is a strange one! You did a great job with it Joan.