Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sayville Park

On Friday morning I went to Sayville Park to paint for Paint the Great South Bay. I've sketched this spot several times and I always like the fact that there are people on the benches and along the walkways. This time I was the solo painter at this location.

I tried to take a selfie but it came out terrible so I will have to just show you a picture of my view.


  1. Joan, you did excellent job on capturing the essence of such a complex scene!!! I like the variation of greens and textures!

  2. Great painting and to do the paint out was a great accomplishment. You get so tired at a paint out or workshop. I thing the energy of the other artists keep you going. Applause for all the hard work.

    The taco gal was super!

    1. Thank you, Jo. I spent more time on these paintings than I usually do, plus when I am with other artists we stop and chat too. It was fun.

  3. What a wonderful job on this piece Joan. The benches and the people make it so inviting and friendly.