Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fire Island Lighthouse

A group of the artists participating in Paint the Great South Bay met at Fire Island on Thursday evening around 5. We all picked a location to paint the lighthouse...most from different positions and there were many compositions. I did a sketch once before from this spot, so I wanted to do a full painting from this spot.

Here is the completed painting.

I was able to get photos of the artists who were painting nearby, but there were several that were too far for me to walk to and still work on my painting. lol

Rosi Berry was painting right nearby.

Cindy Fox was doing a lovely pastel.

Larry Johnston pas painting in oils. 
Gina Lento (the organizer of the event) was working in pastels.
Liz Macchio was painting in acrylics.

The artist below came to the event all the way from Marietta, Georgia. She did have family who lived locally so she got to visit too.

Debra Meekins was painting in oils.

As the sun started to set there were some beautiful colors in the sky.

We stayed until the sun went down and the bugs started to come out. Then we all headed home.


  1. The bugs always win!!!!!!! Lol. It's amazing that all of you worked with different mediums!!! How interesting to see all of them together!!!! Nice work!

  2. Thanks, Hilda. It was a perfect night for painting there.

  3. Super painting Joan. It looks like autumn is already touching the grasses there! What a wonderful event and it is nice to see so many artists participating.