Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Saturday Morning Workshop - Liz Steel

Another artist I really admire and was lucky enough to get into her class is Liz Steel from Australia. Her workshop was called "Lost and Found Structure." For each part of the lesson she did a quick demo. First we did a line drawing showing the patterns on the buildings.

Next using the same scene we did a version using color but no tone and no shadow.

This step was to show just the darkest parts of each of the buildings using one tone.

Finally we combined all the elements using the same scene.

Here are a few photos from Liz's workshop.

Liz Steel doing one of her demos.

The whole group.

Liz and myself.

Photo of me taking a photo of the group's work (courtesy of my friend, Andrew Berlitz who was in the class).


  1. You are sooo lucky, wow! Love seeing your sketches and the picture of you and Liz is great!!

    1. Thanks, Celia! It was really a good class and she is so nice.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this amazing workshops you attended. All have different chose well. I bet you were the star in each class.

    1. Julie, thank you. Each class was a little different, but I got something out of each one.

  3. Great recap of what must have been a terrific workshop! I took Liz's workshop in Paraty a few years ago, and I still use some of the techniques she taught us to this day!

    - Tina

  4. You will use your new skills to great advantage. Thanks for sharing all the photos and ideas.