Friday, August 4, 2017

Extra Sketches - Part 1

Outside of the classes I was able to do some sketching too. For this one which was done in South Congress Plaza, I used the techniques I learned in the workshop with KK. The twig is fun to use.

Here are my fellow sketchers at work at this location. The contraption with the handle in front of the woman with the blonde, curly hair is Suzala's knee scooter. You can see she has her right foot bandages. She broke it about 2 months ago, and can't walk any great distance.

This sketch was done between workshops. It was a "direct in watercolor" done quickly before I went to have lunch.

This was sketched on Sunday after the symposium was over. Some of us stayed an extra day to be able to sketch things that we weren't able to get to on the symposium days. I believe this is Chicago's only lighthouse sketched from Navy Pier.


  1. I have to say that you urban sketchers are an intrepid bunch - sketching outside of the classes and, for one anyway, coming with a broken foot - WOW!. I really like your stick piece and the 'direct watercolour' - so well done. What a supe time you must have had!