Monday, August 7, 2017

Going Home

My friend and I were on the same flight going home from Chicago so we took a car to the airport and arrived early enough to have breakfast and do some sketches before it was time to board the plane.

These people were sketched by the food court.

These victims...I mean models...were by our gate.

Suzala and I didn't sit near each other. I had a middle seat about 9 rows behind her. I sketched to pass the time on board. I wonder what the people sitting on either side of me were thinking, other than thank goodness she isn't sketching me. lol

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the symposium...can you tell? It was great to meet so many different people who loved doing the same thing as me. 

At the end of the Chicago Symposium they announced the location for next year's symposium which will be in Porto, Portugal. I am hoping to go.

Here are a few of my reflections about the event.
First of all I regret not spending more time with my friend, Tina Koyama. With the workshops and things pulling me in different directions we didn't have that much time together. We will have to make that happen next year in Portugal...if you are reading this, Tina...maybe dinner in Porto?

Secondly, I need to pack lighter. Going to Chicago I made sure all my art supplies and my stool were in my backpack which was coming on board with me. Somehow even when I took some of the supplies out when I got there it didn't seem to get lighter. lol It seemed to weigh a ton and I'm sure part of that was my stool...but I was very glad I had that with me. I was very jealous of the people who had things organized into one small bag that they brought with them every day. I belong to that school of thought "but what if I need this?"

If I go to Porto, Portugal I will need to allow myself several extra days in the Porto itself, as well as visit other locations in Portugal. Flying there will need a time adjustment too, so I will have to go early and stay after the symposium ends. 

I was very lucky to have a great roommate, Mia. We had sketched a few times together in NYC but didn't really know much about each other. By the end of the trip I knew that I had made a good friend. She was not into drama, or complaining, and like me was pretty much able to go with the flow. That is really important! Thanks, Mia, for making things work.

I will have to remember how exhausting the days are when you try to do everything. As much as it was wonderful to do the 4 workshops and watch one demo, I feel like I didn't have enough time to see the city for myself. It would be nice if they had a pass where you could do fewer workshops. But it was hard enough to narrow my choices down to 4 instructors because there were so many good ones. They do offer a Basic Pass which allows you to do sketch walks every day and go to one demo. Many of us were saying that that may be what we will do if we go again...but I know the workshops will be tempting.

This ends my postings about the I will get back to posting about my normal days. :)


  1. Thanks for your symposium series, Joan! I, too, regret that we didn't get to spend more time together. I'm definitely hoping to be in Porto, though -- hope you will be, too! And I agree that coming a few days before the symposium and/or staying a few days after is the way to go. 4 days is way too short to get to know a place and also participate fully in a jam-packed event.

    - Tina

    1. Thank you, Tina. I like to go places and settle in for a while.

  2. Wonderful sketches Joan...I love the blues in the airplane seats..

  3. Joan loved seeing your sketches of those waiting in the airport. The one in airplane with the blue really is eye catching. So glad you had fun and are planning next year's event. Sounds wonderful.

    1. Debbie, thanks. I would really love to go next year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. What a wonderful experience! I get tired just thinking of all you did during your visit to Chicago and can't imagine doing the same thing, plus more, plus travel - plus, plus, plus - again next year. You are definitely intrepid Joan!

  5. I’m jealous and exhausted! Happy jealous. I’m smiling. Like these people sketches.