Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At the Herb Farm

The Peconic Herb Farm is such a great place to paint. You can do something small like this one that I did in my journal.

Or something larger like this greenhouse which is 5 x 7.


  1. Sensational paintings. I like the green house. Lovely idea for a painting. Very fresh and summery!

  2. WOW!! Peconic Herb farm is one of my favorite places to go. Love both of these, Joan!!!

  3. The first piece is wonderful but that second piece is just an amazing wow piece, Joan. Your work never fails to thrill!

  4. Thanks so much, Nora!

    Hilda - We should meet there. Thaks.

    Sherry - Those panes were a pain. lol Thank you.

  5. oh how i LOVE these, Joan!! The top one especially -- so perfect for the gardener!!!

    What do you do with all of these beauties!!???