Saturday, May 5, 2012

More EDM Sketches

The weather has not been condusive lately to painting outdoors. Luckily I am doing some sketching, even if it is tiny subjects.


  1. These are just delightful, Joan. I am quite in love with the watering can piece. Thank you for your encouragement. Believe it or not, I sit with a sketchbook next to me every night. I just don't have the energy to even lift my hands. I'm like a sack of potatoes at night.

  2. You're right about the weather .... from 90s at home to cool and rainy here ... but so good to visit with mom. Awesome sketches Joan -- LOVE the candy and pot -- and the ones below are equally fabulous!! You do such fine work!

  3. Sherry - Sorry you don't have the energy to sketch at night. Thanks so much.

    Lin - Glad you are spending time with her. Thanks.