Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Union Square Market and Hoboken Train Station

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On Saturday my sister and I went into Manhattan to see the American Watercolor Society Show, which was great! We took along our sketching materials so we could paint at Union Square Park which has a market on Saturdays. This is one of the flower stalls.

On the way home we had to take the train from Hoboken to her house. We had a bit of time so I sketched the ticket counter there.


  1. I keep noticing how artists handle very detailed scenes and just cannot seem to figure it out. My daughter keeps telling me I worry too much about the details which makes a piece too fussy and ruins it. Sigh...

    These are beautiful, Joan. I am especially enamored of the architecture and lights at that train ticket window!

  2. I love how your market sketch came out. Mine, not so much. I was too overwhelmed by all the "stuff". Great sketch!

  3. Sherry - Thanks so much. I had to leave out a lot of what was there.

    Mickey - Thanks. I like yours too.

  4. Wonderful 'slice of life' paintings!