Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smithtown Lane

This is my "but my eyes were dialated" painting. I had a eye doctor's appointment on Thursday and he put those wonderful drops in my eyes that made them look like Little Orphan Annie's eyes. He told me I would need to wear sunglasses outside and would have trouble reading for a while. He didn't say I wouldn't be able to see what I was doing in my journal. I couldn't see the pencil lines or make the ink lines match the painted areas correctly. I did as much as I could and just left it as is.

I was parked on a dead end street to paint this next to a wooded lot. As I got started a man came over and tapped on my window asking if I needed help. I told him I was there to paint the view of the house and the forsythia. He lived in the house next to this one. Too bad I wasn't painting his house...maybe I would have had a customer. It is funny that in the many, many times I've sat in front of people's houses to paint, I think someone has come over 3 times to see what I was doing there.

I have started a new journal just for the month of April. It is a "fake journal" like the one I did about Anglina last April. You can visit that blog and see my postings by clicking on this link:


  1. You'd never know your eyes were warring against you, Joan. This is beautiful!!

  2. another excellent painting. And this time with your eyes dilated.

  3. Sherry and Carol - Thanks so much!

  4. Another beauty, Joan!!! AND with dilated eyes!!! I LOVE how wonderfully you simplify things to just their most beautiful essence!!! BRAVA!