Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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My frined Susan and I went to Richter's Orchard in Northport last week to paint. Trying to do a scene with all flowering trees was a challenge. This is about 4 x 10.

I found it a bit easier to do just one tree.


  1. Beautiful watercolors, Joan! LOVE the first one!!

  2. I think both pieces are lovely but I absolutely love the whole orchard piece! It is beautiful!

  3. I like both pieces. I love cherry blossom trees. They're all just starting to bloom here in Toronto.
    Happy Painting.

    1. I to find flowering trees en masse a reall challenge, but I think you did a super job on them Joan! I'd have been mighty distracted by all the beauty around me to even think about painting!

  4. Hilda - Thanks so much!

    Sherry - That was so hard to do. Thanks!

    Nora - Thank you. These were pear blossoms. The orchard had apple trees and pear trees.

  5. Nice sketches of the flowering trees.