Friday, February 10, 2012

Morning Snack

Yesterday I had to drive up to Middletown, NY to drop off paintings. I always like going up there because of the scenery I pass along the way. There are some great farms just off the road. I have painted views of this dairy farm before, but I focused on the dairy cows this time. This was done in my Stillman & Birn journal.


  1. I think I recognize some of those cows. LOL
    This came out really good. Did you take a photo so you can do a larger one?

  2. Lovely painting Joan. I know where that is as I often drove through there on my way upstate.

  3. Oh to have the chops to attempt such a scene! You handled this beautifully and absolutely perfectly, Joan!

  4. So incredibly beautiful, Joan! LOVE the light and the semi abstractness of the animals!!! Truly a beauty! No snow here -- dang!

  5. Mickey - Thanks. Of course I didn't take a photo and I would need one to do a larger one. I couldn't really see the legs well. I think I have a photo I took the last time we were there.

    Eileen - Thank you. They always pose the same way!

    Sherry - Thanks. Luckily they stay pretty still.

    Lin - I had to be abstract since I couldn't see them clearly. lol Thanks.