Thursday, January 5, 2012

Return on the Ferry

I still have a few paintings from my trip to Maine to post. This was done on the Cross Sound Ferry coming back from New London to Orient Point. There is always something on the ferry to sketch.


  1. Great paintings, it is a good idea of painting on location, and better than sitting in only place and imagine. These are lively images. So I hope you never need a camera. Your ferries painting are magnifying and realistic, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Did you paint this scene once before, Joan? For some odd reason it looks super familiar to me. Yep, got that sense of deja vu. Anyway, this is wonderful!

  3. Digitam - Thanks for visiting and viewing my work. I read some of your posts. Maybe I'll get back to France and travel on a ferry. It has been years.

    Sherry - LOL Yes, I have painted that counter on the ferry people this time. You have a good memory.