Friday, January 6, 2012

Damariscotta and Christmas Cove, Maine

I've showed the trip up and back to Maine on the ferry, so I guess I should show the paintings I did up there. It was very cold so the only painting I could do was from the car.

This first one I did sitting in a parking area on the other side of the river from my sister's town of Damariscotta. These are a few of the buildings down by the water.

We decided to have lobsters (which I didn't sketch this time) and few lobster places were open just after Christmas. We called some and finally found one down at Christmas Cove in South Bristol. Usually there is no place to park when you get down there since it is so tiny, but at this time of year I was able to find a spot to sit and paint facing the water.I will have to go back there again. It is a nice spot. Both of these were done in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook. I like the 7 x 7 format of this size. It makes for some interesting compositions. Their books are worth checking out.


  1. Maine is such a beautiful place -- and you've painted it even more lovely! I am green -- lobster!!! YUMMMMM!!!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful sketch pages, Joan. I've always wanted to live in Maine. Don't know why but my imagination has always led me to scenes just like this one.

  3. Lin - Thanks so much!

    Sherry - Thanks. I get to experience it when I go up to visit.