Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caroline Church

I painted this the other day in Setauket. I used my Stillman and Birn 7 x 7 journal for this. I really like the square format. I'll have to try a few bigger paintings that are square. This is a little local church, but I think it is the small cemetery that makes it look so quaint.


  1. Wonderful work. Love your posts, they are outstanding. I just moved your blog to my new blog. Joans Daily Journal. My other blog was getting to crowded. Enjoy yourself today. Couldn't get out on time.

  2. Another beautiful spot and a perfect sketch, Joan. How do you do it? Oh wait. Practice. I just want to be good without the practice! LOL

  3. Joan - I'll have to look for your new blog. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thanks. lol Yes, I do practice a bit!

    Brinda - Thanks so much!