Monday, October 17, 2011

Sketchcrawl at the Planting Fields Aboretum in Oyster Bay

This past Saturday was the Worldwide Sketchcrawl. My friend, Susan, and I had hoped to meet up with a group sketching in Manhattan, but we didn't hear back from anyone. We decided to stay on Long Island and head to the Planting Fields Aboretum State Historic Park in Oyster Bay. There was a lot there to capture our attention.

Our first stop was the tea house. Here is my painting of it as well as a photo of it.

I finished my painting before Susan, so I walked over to sketch one of the gates that led into the tea house garden.

Next we sketched over by the greenhouse. I did a window there.

Our last stop was to do a landscape. Unfortunately the trees on Long Island have just barely started changing color, but we did our best and used a bit of "artistic license."

Here are the great paintings and sketches that Susan T did. Here is her painting of the tea house. She worked a bit larger than I did and got more of the scene into her painting.

Susan T did a sketch in her moleskin of the decorations and windows of the greenhouse. I love her brickwork.
Susan T's last painting was of a landscape in the same spot I painted.


  1. Beautiful work from you and Susan. Happy to see the both of you out there. I went to the Meadow Croft Estate then The Grange in Sayville, then Southside Hospital with chest paints, thank God, everything was okay.

    See you soon,

  2. Wow Joan! Your tea house is just so beautiful! I'd so love to live in this little cute cottage! Yours and Susan's work is so lovely!

  3. Oh my, how wonderful these are! I rally like the tea house and the gate! You have great colours for the trees as well, so the artistic licence worked well!

  4. Joan - Glad everything was OK. See you soon!

    Sherry - Thanks. It is a nice spot to paint.

    Brinda - Thanks so much.

  5. Lin - It was a lot of fun! Thanks.

  6. These are so beautiful Joan. I love how you "re-landscaped" the front of the tea house. It gave it even more charm. All of your sketches and Susan's are wonderful.