Friday, October 21, 2011

Caretaker's Cottage

This is a second painting I did on Tuesday at Longwood Estate. This is the caretaker's cottage. I liked the light on the porch and the rocking chair. This is 8 x 10.


  1. This is a beautiful watercolor, Joan! The light hitting the trees and porch is perfect. I also love your previous Longwood Barn! Excellent! We have so many wonderful places here on Long Island! Looking forward to your next piece....

  2. Gorgeous little cottage; my kind of place to live!

  3. Hilda - Thanks! We have so many wonderful places here to paint.

    Sherry - I don't think they let you tour the cottage. I wonder what it's like inside. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful post Joan. Love your Longwood Estate paintings. You certainly captured the place. I was at Brookwood Hall that day, hope to get to Longwood before it's to cold.

    See you soon,