Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plein Air Painting in Maine

This weekend my sister, Michelle and I drove up to visit another sister of ours who lives in Maine. We turned it into a visit/painting trip. Here is a what I painted first. This was done across 2 pages in my Sketchbook Project journal. This is the Colonial Pemaquid Cemetery.

After sneaking off for a lobster roll lunch, we returned to Ft. William Henry to paint a view of the water there.

Then we made a quick stop at Pemaquid Point to browse in the lighthouse shop and look around. This is a tiny one...just 4 x 6.

On Sunday Michelle and Tina went to see the pumpkinfest regatta. I went down the street to paint one of the lovely Damariscotta houses.
In the afternoon we headed up to Camden and found a spot with a view of the Curtis Island Lighthouse. I did this one in my Sketchbook Project book, but I guess I was talking too much and wasn't concentrating since I painted it upside down. (I will have to turn the pages around. lol)

Tina was working on Monday, so Michelle and I headed off to Boothbay. I have always wanted to go to the Oven's Mouth Preserve so we went on an "easy" hike that we are still recovering from. This is what I painted there. This one is 5 x 7.

After lunch we headed to a park in Boothbay that is on the water with nice views. I figure if I practice painting boats enough, some day they might look like what they are supposed to look like. lol

Our last stop was in Ogunquit on the way home. I timed it so we had about an hour to paint, time for lunch, and then time to drive home without hitting much traffic. This is a painting of Marginal Way in Ogunquit.
In addition to painting, I got to see some of the pumpkins that were decorated for Damariscotta's Pumpinfest. They were just super. Here are a few of my favorites.


  1. Joan, absolutely wonderful paintings. Love the photos as well. Glad you had a great visit with your sisters. We painted at a Patchogue nursery yesterday it was a great time.

    See you soon

  2. Joan! These are incredibly GLORIOUS! From the beach to the foliages -- simply incredible!! You really do pack a TON of painting into a short amount of time!!!! One day, I simply MUST watch you paint! BRAVA!

  3. What a fabulous post and such beautiful watercolors! Somehow you have mastered mixing details and not overworking a piece. I am blown away by your corbels in the eaves of the house, the way you've perfectly captured the trees in the distance (their color is spot on), and all the beautiful sights! I loved seeing all the pumpkins too, Joan. Sheesh! I'd love to go on a plein aire painting trip with you! (Temps would have to be 70 to 75 and little humidity! LOL)

  4. Joan - Sorry I had to miss the goup! Had fun in Maine.

    Lin - Thanks so much! It helps to work small.

    Sherry - This past weekend would have been the perfect enough and no humidity...a rare thing lately. Thanks.

    Hmuxo - Thank you!

  5. Wonderful paintings, all of them. I love your sketchbook. And I love the pumpkin fireplace. I have always wanted to go to Maine. Looks like you had a terrific time.

  6. Carol - Thanks. Maine is so great!

  7. Visited your work today and I enjoyed the fluidity you have displayed in every piece.. very spontaneous play of your brushes with colours Joan!