Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stony Brook Marsh & Boat Yard

Yes, I still have paintings of Venice to post, but I thought I would give your eyes a break. Both of these were painted in plein air on Saturday at Stony Brook Harbor.


  1. I have loved looking through all your recent posts. Thanks for sharing


  2. Very nice, Joan. You do water so well, guess we do best on what we love. :)

  3. Gosh Joan...Your work is just top rate and it has been amazing to watch your growth as an artist these past couple of years!

  4. Beautiful landscape, Joan. I see you've also brought back another wonderful collection of paintings from Venice. I'll have to come back when I have time to enjoy them all.

    So sorry I didn't catch up with you this year.

  5. Ona - Thank you so much for visiting.

    Jo - Thank you. Hope things are getting organized for you.

    Sherry - Many thanks!

    Robyn - Thanks. Too bad we couldn't get together again.

  6. Oh do you make me long for the beach with these incredible sketches Joan -- wonderful wonderful work -- and hon -- I LOVE your Venice paintings, especially the one above this -- I NEVER grow tired of seeing that beautiful city thru your fabulous work! And thank you for your prayers and wishes for my son!