Sunday, September 25, 2011

At the Boatyard, Blue Door on First Street. and Wiggins Street Charmer

This weekend I participated in my first paintout in Greenport, NY. Plein air artists did paintings in the village on Friday and Saturday and then there was a silent auction of the paintings to benefit the Maritime Museum in Greenport. Of course we had horrible weather. lol It rained most of the day on Friday, so my friend and I ended up painting this view from the front seat of my car. Most of the time it was raining too hard to keep the windows open and it was so hot and humid in the car. I used artistic license to make the day look a bit nicer in the heavy rain or flooding.
To do this second painting I sat in my car again, while it was parked in someone's driveway on the other side of the street. It was still raining, but not quite as hard as in the morning.

We saw only one other artist while we were in Greenport for the day. I think the weather scared most of them away.

I had painted another house the weekend before in Greenport. This was a challenge to do because after I sketched it out, we found out that the cars for the Shelter Island ferry lined up on that street, just in front of where we were sitting to paint.


  1. I could so live in either of these houses. If I lived in the yellow cottage, I would just have to plant a tree or three in front! Despite the weather, you have two gorgeous pieces from the day, Joan, and as I've said, love the third one from the previous week too!

  2. Hi Joan,

    Oh I am so sorry to miss this paint out. Your paintings are great. Maybe sometime after we get back from Virginia, Mike and I will make it over there.
    Great work Joan.

  3. ALL of these -- in one day?!!! I am jaw-dropped - not only forthe speed - but the beauty!!! BRAVA, Joan!! Mercy, you are GOOD!!!

  4. Sherry - I could live in any of them too. Thanks.

    Joan - We missed you, but will let you know if we go out again. Thanks!

    Lin - Thanks. I only did the first two on Friday. The third one was done last weekend.