Monday, September 26, 2011

Greenport Paintout Continued

On Saturday I went back to Greenport to continue participating in the paintout. That was when the Maritime Festival was taking place, so the two main streets were filled with vendors and people.

The first spot I picked to paint was near the docks. Claudio's is well-know on the east end of Long Island. I was sitting on a dock across from it, but somehow ended up being right where the blessing of the fleet was taking place. There was a Greek Orthodox priest who gave a blessing with prayers and music, and then there was some kind of celebration where young boys jumped into the water and swam across to the other dock. I just continued to paint, even though at times I was surrounded by people. This is what I painted there.
After lunch we found a street with some interesting houses to paint. I really liked this one.
The auction of the paintings was supposed to be held in the park, but due to all the rain the spot was a mudpit, so they moved the silent auction into the schoolhouse. I don't think very many people realized it was there and the turnout was really poor for the auction. I think only 5 of the approximately 25 paintings ever got any bids. I didn't sell anything, but I had a lot of fun.

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  1. Your work is wonderful, Joan. Sorry for the lack of sales but the fun is really what it is about, yes?