Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sketching Governors Island

I was so glad the NYC Urban Sketchers made a return trip to Governors Island this year. It is such a beautiful, relaxing spot with such great views and since no cars are allowed it is a perfect spot for bikes and scooters. It is a seasonal park and just reopened the weekend before we visited. I started sketching on the ferry...and this model didn't seem to mind...although he did get up and walk around for a few minutes before he sat back down.

Once we got to the island we picked a spot to meet for lunch and a few of us headed to the side that has views of the city. I sat in the shade to sketch the skyline across the water.

This house was a particular favorite among our group. I think we all sketched it. It was near Nolan Park and was where the military officers lived when the island was a military base. Now the buildings are mostly used for exhibits.

We had a pleasant surprise when Lance and his wife, Elizabeth arrived and brought along two future sketchers, their adorable twins who were born in December. It was great to see their family but I double that Lance gets much sketching time since his hands are full.

Jim catching up with Lance and Emma.
Of course Mark sat down and sketched Elizabeth and Etienne.

Mark sketching Elizabeth and Etienne.

The other side of the island has great views of several of the bridges. Isn't that a nice spot for a picnic?


  1. Looks like a lovely spot, and you sketched it well!

  2. As usual, a great day of sketching, Joan! Your skyline piece is amongst my favorite cityscapes I've ever seen, truly! Love the house too...

  3. It is a great spot, thanks Tina!

    Sherry, thank you so much!!!