Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Riverside South Park

On Saturday the NYC Urban sketchers met at Riverside South Park on W 71st along the Hudson River.  The weather was definitely iffy, so we all came prepared with umbrellas and raincoats. Luckily we spend most of the day sketching from an outdoor cafe that had huge umbrellas that overlapped each other, so we stayed dry. The park is a mixture of old and new, nature, concrete, and steel. It had some nice views to sketch. I liked seeing underneath the road above. While I was sketching this we saw dark smoke. One of the buildings on the other side of the roadway had a fire by one of the penthouse apartments. You could see the flames and a lot of smoke. The fire department arrived quickly and took care of things.

This sketch includes what is left of the 69th St Transfer Bridge which allowed the transfer of railroad cars from the rail lines to car floats which crossed the Hudson River to the Weehawken Yards in NJ. Nora is sketching on the right.

Jeff was busy with his big sketchbook.

Mark asked someone nearby to take a photo of the whole group before some of the sketchers left for the day.

After lunch we walked a ways south and came to sculptures and gardens. This part reminded me a lot of the Highline Park, except it isn't elevated.

Mark has gotten very creative and did a slideshow video of our day. 


  1. What a great video! It gives a wonderful idea of how your group works. The fire was big, a scary scene. I love your sketches from the day!

  2. More fabulosity! You are such an inspiration, Joan. I really wish I could figure out where you get your energy, drive, and stamina. I'd like to tap into it.

  3. Celia, thanks! I can't imagine being in a building that big and having a fire.

    Sherry, once I'm out I keep painting. Thank you.