Monday, September 1, 2014

Brother Pluckers

The Patchogue Sketch Club met at Alive After 5 in Patchogue on Thursday night. It was the last one for the summer. I had sketched some of the crowd and stalls the last time, but this time I found a trio that was a bit out of the busy crowds and therefore easier to sketch. Several people in the crowd who follow them just loved the sketch and I made sure to show it to the group. One of them asked if he could take a photo of it with his phone so I let him. They were a good group and I enjoyed their music.


  1. Impressive sketch Joan. That couldn't have been easy to do from life!

  2. Wonderful sketch, Joan! The instruments are painted beautifully!!!!

  3. Nice work, Joan. Too bad he didn't ask to buy it!

  4. Super sketch Joan - bet it is such fun to draw while they are playing as well. Hope you had a great Labor day week-end. Take care and enjoy what is left of the warm weather.

  5. David - Thanks. They stayed fairly still.

    Hilda - Thank you.

    Lorraine - It is fun to try people. Thanks.

    Sherry - You are right. Thanks.

    Debbie - I am still enjoying it. Hope you are too. Thank you.