Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cupsogue Beach View

Yesterday I ventured over to Cupsogue Beach on Dune Road in Westhampton. I love the view of the bay from the boardwalk there. This is one of the paintings in my "Sketchbook Project" journal that will be submitted when I finish all the sketches. This is 3 x 5.


  1. I like the dunes. Reminds me of the beach where we walk our dogs. Nice painting. I do treasure my "water" ATC so much. Eileen

  2. This painting and the one below look like the kind of places I love to visit and paint! BEAUTIFULLY done, Joan! It's been so hot and humid here -- I hope you've had a great day and were a bit cooler!

  3. Beautiful. I look forward to going to the beach this summer.

    BTW, I had NO IDEA where you went! Glad I finally noticed the change in your blog address on the top of your old blog. I'm embarrassed to ask how long it's been there!

  4. Gorgeous view, well painted Joan.

  5. Eileen - Thanks! I'm glad you like the card.

    Lin - Thanks. We had a few hot, humid days, and then some rain.

    Carol - Thank you. I'm glad you noticed I moved. lol

    Ai - Thanks so much.

  6. Eileen - Thanks. I'm glad you like this as well as the card I sent.

    Lin - Thanks. The damp weather is keeping me indoors.

    Carol - Thanks so much. Glad you found me.

    Ai - Thanks!

  7. Just beautiful. It is nice to bring memories to other people. :)